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Electric transporter: EVUM’s green aCar is going to be your new favorite vehicle

Zooming through the cities, electric transporters are increasingly setting a new standard regarding pollution practices in the industry, trade and tourism and agriculture sector.


The innovative and sustainable aCar from EVUM Motors can serve as both, a transporter and as a small commercial vehicle. Its advantages: it’s robust, handy and low maintenance. The electric vehicle with loading area can be used anywhere, on- and off-road, thanks to its all-wheel drive.

Quiet and emission-free, the electric transporter sets off. What else do you need? Just a usual household socket for charging. That’s it. The EVUM aCar is guaranteed to become your new favorite commercial vehicle.

Sustainable electric mobility, focusing on the essentials

The innovative electric transporter is the perfect vehicle for everyday transport tasks.


Its characteristics are unbeatable: environmentally friendly, reliable, quiet and economical. Developing the aCar, the goal was clear from the very start: developing a simple, robust and clever vehicle.

Facilitate work, complete transport tasks, deliver cargo safely to its destination. That is the purpose of the EVUM aCar. The electric transporter is cut down to the essential and doesn’t get lost in unnecessary frills’

The concept is convincing: with all-wheel and electric drive, economic and ecological goals have been combined.

Note: The commercial vehicle is 100% electric. Rising fuel prices and regular oil changes are a thing of the past. Additionally, the ecological footprint of producing the e-transporter is impressively low.

elektro-transporter kraftpaket


Small, maneuverable and powerful. The tare weight of the aCar is 1.1 kilos and the electric transporter can load about the same weight.

Furthermore, using the trailer coupling an additional ton of trailer load (braked) can be added. Potting, machinery and more, the aCar reliably transports anything from A to B.

Exclusively with electric drive.

elektro-transporter drehmoment


Feel the full power of the electric motor from the start. If you are familiar with the accelerator pedal of electric cars, you will know what we are talking about.

The torque transmits full power from the start. In no time at all, the e-transporter from EVUM Motors can accelerate up to 70 Km/h – on any roads thanks to its N1 certification.

Quiet and performant, the aCar makes its way through the world. Its range? Fully charged, you can reach up to 200 kilometres – depending on the battery pack. Simply recharge your e-transporter overnight via a household socket.

There are many reasons to get the aCar

Electrically powered vans are becoming a more popular choice regarding commercial vehicles. But why choose the aCar from EVUM?

Have a look at the aCars selling points:

  • 100% electric
  • easy charging (with any socket)
  • all-wheel drive
  • robust, low-maintenance and durable
  • narrow and compact dimensions (1.60 metres wide, 4 metres long and less than 2 metres high)
  • versatile superstructure options: Flatbed, tarpaulin, box & three-way tipper
  • 1 ton payload plus 1 ton towing capacity (braked)
  • external power socket serving as a mobile power bank
  • German quality, made in Bavaria
  • High price-performance ratio

Core competence of the electric transporter: versatility

For municipalities, industry and trade, handicraft, agriculture, tourism and many other sectors, the application possibilities of the electric transporter are almost endless.

elektro-transporter kommunal


Municipalities, hospitals, schools and universities, fire brigade services, waste disposal services – the aCar from the EVUM company offers a wide range of possible usage.

The green colored electric transporter suits any environmentally conscious company concept. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the electric transporter is also suitable to use when maintaining parks or cemeteries.

The electric transporter is also a favorable choice for inner-city drives, necessary for companies that provide for example cleaning services.

elektro-transporter landwirtschaft


On rough terrain, the aCar showcases its stability. Thanks to its all-wheel drive, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to perform in the agriculture sector.

Stable and robust, with various set-up options, a wide variety of uses is given.

Additional features such as off-road tires, a cable winch, trailer coupling or a solar panel for battery regeneration can also easily be added.

Zero emissions while driving: another unbeatable argument.


The perfect coworker: EVUM’s electric utility vehicle comfortable and agile. The aCar reliably executes any daily transport services.

Narrow aisles are no problem for the compact transporter. The vehicle also takes up hardly any space when parked.

And of course, emission-free the e-transporter offers the optimal combination possibility for in- and outdoor use.


Whether in hotels, on campsites, in amusement parks, cultural sites, zoos or on golf courses: The aCar can be used everywhere as it drives around quietly and without taking up a lot of space. Neither engine noises nor gas smell and pollution will disturb visitors who came to relax and enjoy themselves.

Furthermore, a green fleet shows a sense of responsibility towards nature.


The aCar is a commercial vehicle suitable for everyday use – available at an affordable price.

The basic version starts at €31,490 (net), additionally the vehicle qualifies for the environmental bonus (*in Germany). After deducting the subsidy, the acquisition costs amount to just over €22,000 (net).

The currently available “Select” model costs €38,390 (net) and €28,200 (net) after deduction of the subsidy.

What does EVUM MOTORS stand for?

We want to develop affordable and sustainable electric vehicles.

The origin of the company is a visionary research project at the Technical University of Munich.

The spin-off company is being led by the project leaders Martin Šoltés and Sascha Koberstaedt. The two continue to develop their initial project with focus on the market and application opportunities.

Originally conceived for developing and emerging countries, the EVUM aCar has become a whole new type of commercial vehicles.

We stand for affordable and sustainable e-mobility. The democratization of electromobility worldwide is groundbreaking for the future of our planet. Our personal goal is to be able to produce affordable electric models that are accessible even in the economically poorest areas of the world.

The aCar is available from over 90 contract partners in Germany and Switzerland. The electric car model of the EVUM MOTORS company can support you in your everyday life and make your life easier.


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