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Robust. Clever. Simple.
Sustainable electromobility.

Focuses on what is important.

The EVUM aCar is fully electrically powered and drives without noise and local emissions.

EVUM Motors’ big mission is to solve everyday transportation tasks through robust, simple all-electric mobility on and off the road.

Make work easier, get transportation tasks done, get deliveries to their destination safely. That is the great purpose of the EVUM aCars.

Why EVUM aCar?

Many reasons speak for the EVUM aCar

100% electrical

elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

The quiet and emission-free transporter gives you the time freedom to carry out work at any time of day. Driving pleasure is guaranteed, because the high torque transmits full power from a standstill.

All wheel drive

elektrisches acar

The aCar won’t leave you hanging. The all-wheel drive brings the optimal traction on slippery surfaces and off-road. Operational and reliable in any weather.


elektrisches acar

With the BAFA environmental bonus*, you reduce your acquisition costs. In addition, you benefit from the special depreciation of 50% in the year of purchase.

Robust, low maintenance and durable

elektrisches acar

A low-voltage vehicle, no fuel costs, no oil changes, no exhaust system maintenance. Thanks to its simple technical design, the aCar eliminates many components that can wear out. Simple and of high quality at the same time. Made in Germany.


elektrisches acar

With its slim dimensions of under 1.6 meters wide and under 2 meters high, the aCar can get through the narrowest alleys, sidewalks and paths and find a parking space anywhere.

Versatile set up options

Currently you can choose between flatbed, tarpaulin & frame, box and three-way tipper.

External power outlet as mobile power bank for on the go

Your powerbank always with you. With the external socket you can supply 230 V devices with up to 3 kW continuous power. This keeps you flexible and independent.

1,2 ton payload &
1 ton towing capacity (braked).

Compact and a powerhouse at the same time. The aCar can easily handle a payload of 1 ton. The trailer hitch also allows you to tow up to one ton (gebr.)

Easy charging at any household socket

After work is done, plug the aCar into any standard household socket and the next morning the aCar is charged again.

elektrisches acar

spacious driver’s cab

Anything but cramped: The spacious driver’s cab can comfortably fit two people

Made in Germany

The aCar’s production facility is located in Lower Bavaria and focuses on a sustainable production with well-known local suppliers.

Bio-ethanol auxiliary heating

Do you need to use the aCar during the cold winter mornings? No problem, as the auxiliary heating will preheat the driver’s cab to a cozy temperature. This heating system does not influence the battery power.

Versatile. Individual. Changeable.

The right body for every transport requirement

Currently we offer 4 different superstructures in our portfolio.


There is no transport task that this classical superstructure cannot cope with. Plenty of space, opens on three sides: the flatbed.

Tarpaulin & Frame:

Safely transport sensitive goods from A to B with a tarpaulin and frame. Converted into a flatbed in just 5 minutes.


Protect goods from external impacts. Tools ready to hand in one place. Safe and secure transport: the box.

Three-way tipper:

Rubble, soil, gravel – unloading is as easy as child’s play. This is possible with the hydraulic three-way tipper.

Wheelbase XL:

Bulky transport goods? No problem! The aCar is also available with a long wheelbase and XL flatbed.

How can the aCar make your everyday life easier, support you and relieve you?

Learn more about possible applications in agriculture, municipalities, trade and crafts, tourism, last mile and much more.