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Electric utility vehicle with all-wheel drive:

The green EVUM aCar

Electric utility vehicle with all-wheel drive:

Shape the future of mobility and work.

The Smart Transport Solution for Optimal Productivity and Effortless Work Life on Four Powerful Wheels.

Electrify your working life with the intelligent deep-tech system from EVUM Motors.

Welcome to the era of innovative transportation: We redefine mobility – environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and full of innovation.

With sleek contours, our vehicles seamlessly integrate into urban environments, parks, logistics centers, and agricultural scenarios.

Powered by an advanced deep-tech system, they are more than just transporters; they offer a genuine experience. The full electric all-wheel drive enables journeys on unpaved roads, and our vehicles accompany you through a dynamic work life without compromises.

Whether in craftsmanship, tourism, or municipal tasks – we merge transportation with uncompromising functionality. Immerse yourself in a new era of mobility where innovation enriches daily work in an environmentally friendly manner.

All-wheel drive

Zero emissions

various loading platfoms

Loading capacity up to 1,200 kg

external power socket

Drive technology

Towing capacity up to 1.500 kg (braked)

Made in Germany

Economical. Ecological.

The EVUM aCar is a low-maintenance, durable and robust commercial vehicle which, as an all-electric van, not only contributes to the positive CO2 balance of your fleet, but also offers the most economical solution in terms of total costs. 

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