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Electric utility vehicle with all-wheel drive:

The green EVUM aCar

Electric utility vehicle with all-wheel drive:

The green EVUM aCar

The versatile, robust and compact application professional for your daily transport tasks

Electrify your everyday life. With the smart ecosystem from EVUM Motors.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and at the same time cost-effective solution in the transport sector, the robust aCar is exactly what you need. 

Thanks to its slim dimensions, the 100% electric transporter is ideally suited for municipal tasks on sidewalks and in parks, in the intralogistics sector, for forestry and agricultural operations, but above all also in the trades and in the tourism industry.

And if you’re ever on the move on unpaved roads, the all-electric all-wheel drive won’t leave you hanging.

Elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug - Allradantrieb

Four-wheel drive

Elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

100% electrical

elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug 1 Tonne Nutzlast

1 ton payload

Elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug - Aufbau

various construction options

external socket as power bank

elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

Plug-and-play charging at any household outlet

spacious driver cab

Economical and eligible

Robust. Low maintenance. Durable

Elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

Eligible. Economical. Economical.

The EVUM aCar is a low-maintenance, durable and robust commercial vehicle which, as an all-electric van, not only contributes to the positive CO2 balance of your fleet, but also offers the most economical solution in terms of total costs. The environmental bonus, for example, lowers your acquisition costs. But you save much more.


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elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

Last Mile | Logistik

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elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug


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elektrisches Nutzfahrzeug

Erleben Sie EVUM und das aCar live & hautnah

NUFAM Karlsruhe 30. – 3.10.21

– 03.10.2021
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