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Applications for the aCar

The versatile partner for your transport tasks.

Flexible transport solutions
for your individual working day

Are you responsible for a fleet or do you have your own fleet that needs to be converted to CO2 neutrality? 

With an emission-free and at the same time flexible transport solution, the Bavarian commercial vehicle manufacturer EVUM Motors is rewriting the future in the segment.

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Sustainable mobility in the municipal sector

Reliable, quiet, emission-free and economical – electrically powered commercial vehicles are becoming increasingly important in the municipal sector.

Cities and municipalities can set a visible example for climate protection with an e-transporter.

The green aCar fits ideally into the environmentally conscious concept and, with its unobtrusive characteristics and compact dimensions, will be a city favorite.

Logistics / Last Mile
100% electric.

With its compact dimensions, the aCar is very agile and nimble. It does not take up much space when parked and thus hardly obstructs traffic. 

The mobility and robustness will be appreciated by the driver very soon. The driver’s cabin is very spacious, which benefits permanent entry and exit. 

The fun factor is not neglected either. Feeling the full power of the electric motor from a standing start is fun.

Daily use in the craft

In your daily business, you need a robust, durable and low-maintenance vehicle that reliably handles your transport services, keeps operating costs low, is compact and maneuverable, and also provides a sustainable and innovative image.

Agricultural activities

A stable and robust commercial vehicle is very important, especially in the agricultural sector. For use on rough terrain, the standard all-wheel drive is another essential component.  And especially when you are in the natural habitat, an environmentally friendly and sustainable concept is the right decision.
The fact that the ecological aCar thus also becomes very attractive economically thanks to the many subsidy options makes it an indispensable tool.

einsatzfelder aCar
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einsatzfeld werksverkehr
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For your plant traffic

The emission-free aCar is also ideal for indoor use.

The compact aCar moves quietly and without pollutants through the narrow aisles and scores points above all for its agile and maneuverable handling.

The aCar does not need much space. Despite its dainty appearance, it can move a decent volume. A payload of 1 ton and a towing capacity of 1 ton (braked) are no problem.

E-mobility in tourism

Whether in hotels, theme parks, golf courses, restaurant and many other industries: 

On the one hand, the green aCar is a figurehead for you. Because with it you show a great sense of responsibility towards the environment.

On the other hand, the aCar can be used at any time in any place without disturbing the guests. It is inconspicuous, takes up little space and can provide excellent support for your fleet in everyday life – and minimize your CO2 levels.

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All-rounder in the private environment

Of course, the aCar is also a great investment for private use.

For example, for a Sunday drive out into the countryside. The leisure equipment can be conveniently placed or stacked on the flatbed or in the tarpaulin & frame.

But even if a move is in the offing, the aCar can give a good helping hand. Having such an easy-to-maintain and uncomplicated transporter at home makes you feel good. You can always use it.

Even if it’s just to go to the bakery.