About Us

A focused vision of sustainability

EVUM Motors stands for a new kind of utility vehicle: The aCar's electric four-wheel drive unites economy and ecology. Its modular concept makes the aCar the ideal helper for agriculture, craft and industry, municipal work and in demanding recreational uses. Originally conceived as an all-purpose vehicle for developing and emerging countries, the robust and agile aCar is also the most economic and ecological solution to for the widest possible variety of tasks here at home. One for all.



Initial idea

with a research project at the Technical University of Munich


First Prototype

with subsequent field tests in Germany and Ghana



 through the founding of EVUM Motors GmbH


Trade fair appearance

at the 2017 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt


Final Design

and presentation of the improved EVUM aCar at the 2019 IAA

by 03/2020

Series development

with vehicle tests and homologation


Beginning of production

in Germany

Starting in 2021

International production

in developing and emerging countries

What we value

The aCar is our contribution to making the world a little bit better. We intentionally chose a simple design and emphasized economical use of resources. As early as the product concept phase, we emphasized a vehicle design that enables local and environmentally friendly manufacturing in close proximity to our customers. This concept is our contribution to a more even distribution of the world’s prosperity and to integrating people in developing and emerging countries in the economic cycle.

Where we come from

EVUM Motors was spun off from a visionary research project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). As the project managers at the time, we, Martin Šoltés and Sascha Koberstaedt didn’t want the e-vehicle the project developed to stall as only an idea. That’s why our mission is to industrialize the research project.

What drives us

We stand for affordable and sustainable e-mobility for all. The democratization of electro-mobility worldwide is a groundbreaking development in the future of our planet. This is why it is a personal calling for us to put a vehicle on the market that rigorously does without everything that is not absolutely necessary and thus to create an electric utility vehicle which can be financed and manufactured in even the poorest of the world’s countries.


Dipl.-Ing. Sascha Koberstaedt

Dr.-Ing. Martin Šoltés

The current consumption values may still vary slightly until the start of series production. The currently determined consumption value according to NEFZ is as follows: 15.9 kWh/100km, CO2 emission local: 0g/100km. Fig. shows optional equipment subject to charge.