The efficient and versatile utility vehicle

The EVUM aCar is the adaptable workhorse for the widest possible variety of requirements. Whether with the tiltable load bed for loose materials or with an closed box unit, the aCar is ideal for tradesmen and transporting goods, in the vineyard and in the landscaping, on municipal duty

Industrial use

For transport on your company's premises

An all-rounder in your operations and ideal in Facility Management: With no noise pollution or exhaust emissions and with a height of only 2.0 meters, the compact aCar is perfect for almost any indoor working environment.

Municipal assignments

A sustainable solution for municipal assignments

Street-legal, suited for charging at any standard 230 V power socket or rapid charging at 400 V ports: With a range of up to 200 km and without expensive maintenance and repairs, the aCar is perfect for economically-minded cities.

Agricultural use

In harmony with humans and nature

Perfect for sustainable, ecological farming – even on difficult terrain. The aCar does not expose foodstuffs and sensitive produce to hazardous exhaust the way conventional agricultural vehicles do.

Offroad applications

Trouble-free driveaway in any situation

The all-electric four-wheel drive with an e-machine for each axle generates high torque directly at driveaway. This means you have no difficulties navigating unpaved trails or rugged terrain.

Use in developing countries

Modular, simple, low-maintenance

Moving mobility forward in developing countries: As an ambulance, for transporting goods or people – the low-maintenance aCar costs almost nothing to keep running and drives reliably on unpaved roads.


The aCar offers economic value added in terms of overall costs (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership), from purchase of the vehicle to fuel and electricity, consumption, trips to the workshop, taxes and insurance, even in the residual vehicle value and charging infrastructure.

A focused vision of sustainability

Sustainability is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy. The aCar is our contribution to further environmentally aware development of the economy . The idea was born as part of a research project for emerging and developing countries at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Today we have grown to become an aspiring company, beginning this journey in Europe and continuing it throughout the world.

The EVUM aCar is currently still in the final testing phase. The current consumption figures may therefore still deviate slightly until the start of series production. The currently determined consumption value according to NEFZ Combined: 15.9 kWh/100km, CO2 emissions local: 0g/100km. Illustrations may show optional equipment that is subject to a charge.