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Interesse der Besucher für den Evum
Press Release

EVUM Motors unveils the Evum:

Electric mobility of the future live at the 2024 trade fair

Munich, 08.04.2024 – EVUM Motors, an innovative provider of electric commercial vehicles, is delighted with its successful appearance at the i-Mobility Messe 2024, which took place in Stuttgart from April 4 to 7. With an impressive presentation of the aCar from EVUM Motors, the company attracted the attention of many trade fair visitors and was able to make numerous valuable contacts.

EVUM Motors’ trade fair appearance at i-Mobility 2024 was an outstanding opportunity to present the aCar to a wide audience and arouse interest in sustainable electric mobility. The aCar, a versatile electric utility vehicle specially developed for use in urban and rural areas, aroused great interest among trade fair visitors.

Many visitors showed great interest in the innovative functions and environmental friendliness of the aCar. Numerous good contacts were made during the trade fair, including some relevant dealer contacts. These contacts open up new opportunities for EVUM Motors for future partnerships and sales channels.

EVUM Motors’ appearance at i-Mobility 2024 proved to be extremely worthwhile. By presenting the aCar, we were not only able to underline our commitment to sustainable electric mobility, but also consolidate our position as a leading supplier of electric commercial vehicles.

“We are delighted with the positive feedback and the great interest in our aCar at i-Mobility 2024,” says Alfred Müller, sales representative at EVUM Motors and representative at the trade fair. “The trade fair appearance was extremely successful for us and opened up many new opportunities. We are confident that we can make a significant contribution to the mobility of the future with our electric commercial vehicles.”

With a successful appearance at i-Mobility 2024, EVUM Motors is optimistic about the future and strives to continue developing and offering innovative solutions for sustainable electric mobility.

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