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Press Release

EVUM Motors: A formula for success through strong partnerships!

Electric mobility of the future live at the 2024 trade fair

Munich, 26 March 2024 – EVUM Motors GmbH, a provider of electric commercial vehicles and drive systems, underlines the essential role of strong partnerships for the further development and distribution of its innovative solutions. In this context, EVUM is pleased to announce a fruitful cooperation with BAMAKA AG, the largest purchasing company in the construction industry.

With a clear focus on creating sustainable and future-proof transport solutions, EVUM is keen to strengthen its commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency in the construction industry. By partnering with BAMAKA AG, EVUM will make its offering accessible to a broader customer base while benefiting from the extensive reach and acceptance that BAMAKA AG enjoys among its target group.

BAMAKA AG, with its network of over 150,000 affiliated companies, plays an important role in the bundling of capital and consumer goods and services for the construction industry. Through its established presence and trust in the industry, BAMAKA AG thus opens up valuable opportunities for partner companies such as EVUM to make their products and services accessible to a wider market.

‘We firmly believe that strong partnerships are the key to the successful introduction and distribution of our technologies,’ says EVUM Motors GmbH. ‘The collaboration with BAMAKA AG provides us with the ideal platform to strengthen our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry. Together, we will contribute to making mobility in urban and rural areas more efficient and environmentally friendly.’

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